Conseil Cri de la santé et des services sociaux de la Baie James

  • Salaire : De 74481$ à 96826$
  • Type de poste : Permanent
  • Ville : Regional
  • Expérience requise : 5 ans
  • Statut : Temps plein

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Description du poste


As part of the Cree Board of Health and Socials Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB) further development of clinical information systems ecosystem and in support of the organization’s digital transformation, the Advisor – Digital Health Transformation is the subject matter expert for the organization’s digital transformation in a rapidly evolving and expanding context.


Reporting to the Director of Strategy and Organizational Development, the incumbent works in collaboration with the Director, DMAS and DPSQA leaders, departments managers and other clinical professionals to develop innovative technological solutions, strategies, programs and services with the aim of help them meet the challenges and ever-growing clinical needs of the organization.


She/he is responsible for fully understanding clinical needs, conceptualizing and developing innovative solutions that meet these needs, and supporting the implementation of these solutions, including planning and coordinating implementation activities, as well as related human resources, financial and technological resources, as needed.



Education and experience:

  • University degree in health-related field, human sciences, social sciences, or any other pertinent disciplines;
  • Certification or experience in Change Management, an asset;
  • Certification or experience in Facilitation, an asset;
  • Certification or experience in Project Management, an asset;
  • Certification or experience in Quality Improvement (ex: Lean), an asset;
  • Five (5 years) of relevant experience in digital transformation, clinical information systems, or equivalent knowledge;
  • Member of a professional order, an asset.


Knowledge and abilities:

  • Deep knowledge and experience with digital health transformation technologies and clinical information systems (CIS) architecture.
  • Deep knowledge of HL7 standards and interfaces
  • Deep knowledge and experience with applicable provincial and federal legislation, standards and programs, and related best practices and approaches associated with digital health transformation technologies and CIS.
  • Knowledge of administrative theory, systems, techniques and leading practices;
  • Knowledge in program design theory, techniques and leading practices;
  • Knowledge and experience with Cree culture, language, communities and social/health issues in Eeyou Istchee;
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking, decision-making, planning and organizational skills;
  • Results-oriented, autonomous, flexible, and ability to multi-task;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and able to effectively collaborate with colleagues, team members, team leader and supervisor;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain partnerships in various settings;
  • Demonstrated ability to lead transformational initiatives;
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and presentation;
  • Excellent computer skills MS Office (i.e. Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.);
  • Familiarity with enterprise administrative systems, an asset; and,
  • Experience working in a remote area, an asset.



  • Fluent in English and French; and,
  • Fluency in Cree is an asset.



  • Willing to travel in the 9 Cree Communities.


Conditions de travail


  1. The incumbent provides expert advice and support to the clinical leaders and departments managers related to digital health transformation, clinical informatics and technologies, including leading practices, innovations, strategies, approaches, programs and/or services.
  2. The incumbent acts at a primarily regional level to develop and implement clinical digital health transformation technologies in a context of organizational transformation.
  3. The incumbent contributes, collaborates and participates in the development and implementation of organizational vision, strategies, roadmap and plans related to digital health transformation technologies.
  4. The incumbent reviews legislative changes and requirements related to digital health transformation and technologies, and ensures alignment with vision, strategy, approaches, programs and/or services.
  5. The incumbent ensures compliance with normative frameworks and clinico-administrative standards of practice;
  6. The incumbent acts as change agent and facilitator to mobilize, motivate and align individuals at all levels to achieve strategic organizational objectives related to digital transformation, including “Dossier Santé Numérique”.  
  7. The incumbent acts as an advisor to the Director, management, and other members of clinical departments in areas of their expertise and responsibility, and supports them in the implementation of their strategic initiatives, clinical informatics and technologies.
  8. The incumbent contributes to the promoting the CBHSSJB through presentations at digital health transformation related congresses, symposiums, CEGEPs and university programs.
  9. The incumbent participates in digital health transformation related conferences with the aim of expanding the network of contacts and building partnerships with other organizations in the public and private sectors.
  10. The incumbent provides subject matter expertise in and increases awareness of the organization’s digital health transformation technologies including leading practices, innovations, strategies, approaches, programs and/or services to teams.
  11. The incumbent evaluates digital health transformation technology innovations and provide recommendations to leverage innovations to improving care and service delivery and develops.
  12. The incumbent implements pilot projects related digital health transformation and technology innovations.
  13. The incumbent supports clinicians in needs assessment, workflow analysis and clinical information system vendor selection process, including coordinating and facilitating workgroups.
  14. The incumbent supports the governance of digital health transformation technology projects and contributes to each phase of projects, from identification of the need to deployment of the solution.
  15. The incumbent support the development, testing and deployment of corporate digital health technologies and the supporting tools.
  16. The incumbent contributes to the development and update of the policies and procedures related to the development, implementation, use and support of digital health technologies.
  17. The incumbent facilitates workgroups as necessary to address and mitigate organizational risks.
  18. The incumbent supports managers in engaging and mobilizing clinical professionals and staff to ensure seamless organizational transitions.
  19. The incumbent supports managing relations with vendors that provide services to support and maintain the digital health technologies. 
  20. The incumbent ensures accountability to the MSSS for files under the Department's authority, as required by immediate supervisor.
  21. The incumbent ensures the management of the files and mandates under their responsibility, and supports the coordination of all human, material, financial and informational resources related to these files, as required by the immediate supervisor.

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